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Clarenville, NL


Herb Pitts Celebration of Life

Herb at the Church

Tom Martin's Visit to Vimy

Toms visit to Vimy

The Jack Glenn Collection from  (about) 1957-1964 - including Calgary - Germany
Updated Feb. 25, 2017.

Jack Glenn's Photo Collection

The QOR 2015 Event in Botwood & Gander

Updated Aug. 16, 2015.

Most pages contain 100 photos so please be patient. 

Our 2015 Booklet - PDF press ready copy format w/o all ads. 40 page version.

Updated Friday April 08, 2022

Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 5, Botwood Memorial Service 2013

Botwood Memorial Service 2013

More Pictures by Mrs. & Mr. Edmond Jackman

John Shapter and his Ritual

Queens Diamond Jubilee

Members awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal

Jim Sheppard Military Museum

Reunion 2007

Historical Pictures

Platoon Pictures - as well as 1-22 platoon; we are still short some platoons in other categories!!

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Other Groups

Reunion 2010 (Victoria) Pictures by Bill Collins

Reunion 2010 (Toronto) Pictures by John Shapter

Reunion 2010 (Toronto) Pictures by Wayne Reid

Reunion 2007 Pictures

Other Collections

Albums from Casa Loma Museum

The followings albums are from Casa Loma Museum in Toronto. The start date for the first album is October 1961.They are as close to original as I can get them with the least amount of editing. All edges are trimmed. Some pictures were not mounted squarely on some pages.

Learn more about Casa Loma and the QOR connection at Wikipedia   To see what Casa Loma is all about go here:

Album 1

Album 2   

Includes pictures of platoons 123 to 141

Album 3

Includes pictures of platoons 142 up.


































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