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 M. Wasylyk and wife

Jim Carroll and ???

Harold Drinkwalter and wife

254 Wally Snow & Wally Ratz

W Snow and Charles Belziel

Top Karina Pass Cyprus

Check point outside Nicosia

Patrol at Temblos

OP Snow White Bunker

OP Snow White

Lt Leitch

Snow White

Greek looking for rations

Kids picking through our left overs

CSM Mitchell & Major Belziel

Original snow white crew

OP forestry road and freight line

Entrance to Temblos

View from Snow White

OP Forestry Road

Rfn Cleveland

OP Zulu 8

Snow White from road





News paper article about C Relieving D

Christmas Dinner 1962 Germany

Barber Shop - Hair Cuts Germany 1962

Anti Tank Pl. 1963 Germany

Camp 2 Germany

Kevin Walsh

Anti Tank Pl river crossing

Anti Tank pl.

Exercise Silver Dollar 1963 Germany

Nar Prisoner

W Snow- C Bridger----Bill Perrier and ???

Maintenance Pl. 1971 Work Point.

Before - La Maison de Queen's Own Rifles of Canada - June 1944

June 1944, German Prisoners en route for England

After - Maison de Queen's Own Rifles of Canada

The HOUSE stayed the night of May 25 with the family Hoffer in the house.